By James Dickey

Original Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Current Publisher: Delta

Fiction Finalists That Year: 

Fiction Winner That Year: Saul Bellow for Mr. Sammler’s Planet

Fiction Judges That Year: John Cheever, Maurice Dolbier, John Leonard, Marya Mannes, William Styron

The Year in Literature:

  • The Pulitzer Prize was not given for fiction.
  • Pablo Neruda won the Nobel Prize for literature. 

More Information:

  • James Dickey won the National Book Award for Poetry in 1966 for Buckdancer’s Choice and was a Finalist two other times: in 1965 for Helmets (Poetry) and in 1972 for Sorties (Arts and Letters).
  • Deliverance was made into a 1972 Academy Award-nominated film of the same title starring Jon Voigt and Burt Reynolds. Dickey wrote the screenplay and had a small role in the film as the Sheriff.


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