Why Are We in Vietnam?

By Norman Mailer

Original Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Current Publisher: Picador

Fiction Finalists That Year:

Fiction Winner That Year: Thorton Wilder for The Eighth Day

Fiction Judges That Year: Josephine Herbst, Granville Hicks, John Updike

The Year in Literature:

  • The Confessions of Nat Turner by William Styron won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
  • Yasunari Kawabata won the Nobel Prize for literature.

More Information: The following year, Mailer was a Finalist in the History and Biography category for Miami and the Siege of Chicago: An Informal History of the Republican and Democratic Conventions of 1968 and won the National Book Award in Arts and Letters for The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, The Novel as History. In 1972 Mailer was a Finalist for two books: The Prisoner of Sex (Contemporary Affairs) and Of a Fire on the Moon (The Sciences). Mailer was a Fiction Finalist in both 1980 and 1981 for The Executioner’s Song (hardcover and paperback).

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