Henderson the Rain King

By Saul Bellow

Original Publisher: Viking Press

Current Publisher: Penguin Classics

Fiction Finalists That Year:

Fiction Winner That Year: Philip Roth for Goodbye, Columbus

Fiction Judges That Year: Kay Boyle, Brendan Gill, Alexander Laing, William Peden, Charles J. Rolo

The Year in Literature:

  • Advise and Consent by Allen Drury won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
  • Saint-John Perse won the Nobel Prize for literature. 

More Information: Bellow won the National Book Award for Fiction three times: in 1954 for The Adventures of Augie March, in 1965 for Herzog, and in 1971 for Mr. Sammler’s Planet. He was also a Fiction Finalist twice more: in 1957 for Seize the Day and in 1976 for Humboldt's Gift. In 1990, Bellow received the Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.


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