By MacKinlay Kantor

Original Publisher: World Publishing Company

Current Publisher: Plume

Fiction Finalists That Year:

Fiction Winner That Year: John O’Hara for Ten North Frederick

Fiction Judges That Year: Carlos Baker, John Brooks, Granville Hicks, Saunders Redding, Mark Schorer

The Year in Literature:

  • Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
  • Juan Ramón Jiménez won the Nobel Prize for literature.

More Information:

  • Kantor was born Benjamin McKinlay Kantor but started going by his middle name when he was a child. He added an “a” to its spelling because he thought it sounded more Scottish.
  • The Academy Award-winning film “The Best Years of Our Lives” is based on Kantor’s 1945 novel Glory for Me. Kantor was disappointed that the film was released under a different title and that details of the story were changed by the screenwriter Robert Sherwood.

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