Lord Grizzly

By Frederick Manfred

Original Publisher: Signet

Current Publisher: Bison Books

Fiction Finalists That Year:

Fiction Winner That Year: William Faulkner for A Fable

Fiction Judges That Year: Malcolm Cowley, Paul Engle, Elizabeth Janeway, Wallace Stegner, Robert Penn Warren

The Year in Literature: 

  • A Fable also won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
  • Halldór Laxness won the Nobel Prize for literature.

More Information: The novel is based on the true story of fur trapper and frontiersman Hugh Glass, who in 1823 was attacked by a bear in present-day South Dakota and left for dead by his companions on the assumption that he could not possibly survive. With a broken leg and open wounds, Glass crawled the 200 miles to the nearest settlement at Fort Kiowa.

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